The Wonderful World of Wanzie: Merry Fringemas!

By : Michael Wanzie
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Christmas used to be my favorite time of the year. That’s until the Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival got into my blood. Now Christmas has dropped to distant second as Orlando Fringe ranks number one among the things for which I am most grateful and for providing the most fun ever to be crammed into 12 days or so.

Seasoned Fringe-goers might think there is no need for a Fringe tutorial of sorts because to us Fringing is second nature. But as I share my passion for Orlando Fringe to strangers I encounter as part of my duties acting in the capacity of non-official, self-appointed Fringe Ambassador to the Uninitiated Masses, I never fail to encounter persons on a daily basis who somehow have never heard of Fringe and have no idea what it is.

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