Overheard in Tampa Bay: Taylor Swift cools off, contemporary dance at the Palladium and Busch Gardens raises prices

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Do you wanna build an international multi-million dollar popstar?
Halloween night brought quite the surprise for the 57,000 attendees at Raymond James Stadium who decided to shake, shake it off with trick-or-treating and wild costume parties to attend Taylor Swift’s concert. The reigning queen of pop (at least, rumor has it, until the end of the month, when Adele sends T Swift chasing pavements) had no bad blood for her fans as she performed her love story on the hot autumn night. In fact, it was so hot Swift decided to bring a bit of frozen style to the stage. Swift, who is no stranger to dressing up and bringing an array of celebrities on stage with her, came out on stage dressed as sexy Olaf from Frozen followed by Elsa herself Idina Menzel, and the two of them belted out “Let It Go.” The duo brought to life some of Swift fans’ wildest dreams, but this was a one-time merger, and these two are never ever getting back together. Oh, but we wish you would.

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