A strained relationship and a drag queen make for campy holiday humor in Who Took the Last Ketchup

By : Aaron Alper
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St. Petersburg – In a season where saccharine holiday smarm floods the cultural landscape, Gypsy Productions’ release of Who Took The Last Ketchup? One Hell of a Holiday Vacation may be the incendiary, albeit heartfelt, itch you need to scratch.

Directed by noted local renaissance man Trevor Keller and featuring an original script by local playwright Michael Matteo (An Evening with Mr. Johnson: It’s Hard Being A Dick!), Ketchup takes place on the last night of Max (Peter Konowicz) and Lena’s (Skyla Luckey) annual holiday vacation to Florida. It’s also the same night Walter (Eddy Ganim) a homeless drag queen, enters their world.

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