Jonny McGovern heads to the Parliament House to Werk Qween!

By : Felicia Roopchand
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Jonny McGovern makes no apologies for his sexualized, in-your-face alter-ego The Gay Pimp. Back before podcasts and YouTube, McGovern released a pop music video parody starring The Gay Pimp that went viral, making its way through the video clubs of New York City then eventually across the country in gay clubs and AOL inboxes.

“In the video The Gay Pimp was super gay AND in charge,” McGovern said in a 2015 interview with The Huffington Post. “He was in the power position turning the typically homophobic characters of frat boys and jocks into video hoes performing to please. We hadn’t really seen anything like that in a music video. It was a power flip that gay men found empowering and sexy.”

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