Melissa Ferrick

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Born to a music-industry family and trained at the New England Conservatory, Melissa Ferrick appeared on the big stage on tour with Morrissey as the opening act of his “Kill Uncle” tour. Her career includes appearances with Paul Westerberg, Weezer, Ani DiFranco, Dwight Yoakam and G-Love & Special Sauce. Ferrick started her own label in 2000, releasing a wave of popular alt music albums and earning wide respect from fans and peers as one of the most prolific writers in the business. Eight-time Boston Music Award winner, Ferrick’s strong, earthy voice delivers toe-tapping, evocative songs full of insight and subtle humor.

Inaya Day talks her musical journey, her favorite Pride memories and the upcoming Tampa Pride

By : Samantha Rosenthal
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She was surrounded by music growing up, mostly classical and chorale music from a young age. Now she spends most of her days laying down beats, collaborating with other DJs and writing songs for house music that fans all over the world enjoy.

But on Saturday, March 28, Inaya Day will be the headliner at Tampa Pride in Ybor City. Day,who has been involved in music since she was 12, talks about her musical journey, her experience with Pride across the country and what fans can expect in Tampa.

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