Orlando Fringe runs the gamut from hysterical to controversial to heartbreaking. Here are some of our favorite picks for this year!

By : Billy Manes
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In year 26 of everybody losing their minds in the Orlando theater scene for over a week, the Orlando Fringe once again brings the surprises and the guffaws – all the hurry-up-and-wait of queuing for your next aesthetic indulgence, along with the gratification of seeing some of your best friends, old and new, make theater an organic experience.

In many ways, this is Orlando’s centrifugal core for spinning and buttoning and ticketing your way toward bliss. As usual, there’s something for everybody: kids, teens, grown-ups, grown-ups who should know better. After a fantastic teaser show on April 17, appetites have been duly whetted, Excel charts and maps have been printed, the fiercest of the fierce are readying their Fringe game. There are hundreds of shiny things to see! Bring on May 16-29!

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