Screened Out – Dumb and Dumber To

By : Stephen Miller
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Jim Carey, Jeff Daniels, Kathleen Turner, Rob Riggle, Rachel Melvin, Laurie Holden

Are you ready for another couple hours of dumb, two long decades after the first foray? If you buy a ticket for this creaky flashback, you know what to expect. It may not be as funny or fresh as the first one, but it is the funniest Farrelly film since the original. That’s not saying much; like the lead character’s IQs, our expectations are pretty low.

Through all their wrinkles and gray hair, Carey’s Lloyd Christmas and Daniels’ Harry Dunne certainly remind us of a dumber, simpler time. There are some solid, intermittent laughs here. Nowadays, this throwback gets lost among the Hangover films, most of Jonah Hill’s oeuvre, and almost every Will Farrell and Adam Sandler offering.

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