Screenwriting 101

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How many times have you thought, “I have a great idea for a movie!” Join Jennie Jarvis, award-winning screenwriter and educator, as she walks you through the basics of what it takes to write a feature film. Learn motion picture formatting, structuring a film and tips on how to sell an idea to Hollywood!

Wordier Than Thou brings creative minds together in Tampa Bay and has expanded to Orlando

By : Skyla Dawn Luckey
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St. Petersburg – Nearly three years ago, an open mic outlet that catered to fiction and non-fiction writers has transformed into a monthly event for creative writers in Tampa Bay. Now Tiffany Razzano’s Wordier Than Thou brings together creative minds from throughout Tampa Bay.

Razzano, a New York native, moved to Florida with her parents six years ago, and at first, it wasn’t the ideal living or job situation.

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