X-Men actor would like to play Iceman gay

By : Jeremy Williams
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iceman x-men gay

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The actor who plays Iceman in the X-Men movies would like to see the character mirror his comic counterpart and come out as gay.

In an interview with IGN, Shawn Ashmore said that having Bobby Drake, Iceman’s real name, come out as gay would “probably be the most interesting thing that could happen [to the character].”

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The Iceman cometh out in new X-Men comics

By : Staff Report
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Iceman, one of the original team members from Marvel’s X-Men, has come out as gay.

Iceman, also known as Bobby Drake, is pulled out of the closet, according to leaked pages from the April 22 issue of All-New X-Men #40, by fellow X-Men, Jean Grey.

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