The Stonewall Inn: 50 Years Ago

By : Mark Segal, Gay Liberation Front 1969-71
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That night, standing in Stonewall, I could not have imagined what the next few hours would do to change the gay and lesbian community around the world. I doubt anyone else could have known. How could we have known, on June 28th, 1969, that we’d be participating in history?

It started when the lights flickered on and off, alerting the patrons to something imminent, though I had no idea what. It was my second month in New York, my second month walking Christopher Street, my second month being an out and proud gay. Looking over at my friend, I asked what was happening and he said, nonchalantly: “Oh, it’s just a raid.” As an 18-year-old new to everything, his words were frightening.

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