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GRAMMY® Award-winning singer-songwriter Seal makes his way to Clearwater for his Ruth Eckerd Hall debut! Seal explores love and all of its implications, idiosyncrasies and intricacies on his seventh full-length album, 7 which saw him reunited with producer Trevor Horn for their first collection of original material since 2003. Seal goes right to the heart of the club with Life On The Dancefloor, which pairs a syncopated house beat wrapped in horns with a massive hook. Everything culminates on Love. Pairing his voice with just a piano, it’s his most vulnerable and vital moment as he declares. Seal’s inimitable voice was first heard on Adamski’s 1991 smash Killer. Another huge hit Crazy arrived shortly after as Seal went on to achieve global acclaim with his debut album. Songs such as the legendary Kiss From a Rose would turn him into a superstar. Don’t miss Seal only at Ruth Eckerd Hall!

Watermark endorses Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential primary

By : Billy Manes
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The bluster was all there in Orlando on Feb. 17, as it typically is at Democratic political events held in union offices. There was a violinist, there were stilt-walkers and there were numerous names and faces often associated with the local liberal machine. There was also a cheering squad of three shouting things like, “When I say madam, you say president!” It was all in the name of advancing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in Florida, of course. Clinton has been opening offices throughout the state in the past weeks, eliciting hyperbolic statements of support. When statements like, “She’s a hard-nosed candidate who can get things done,” are thrown around by union leaders, it’s hard not to notice.

The battle is on.

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Group launches long-term global AIDS trial

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An international group devoted to pediatric AIDS treatment is taking on a long-term global trial in hopes of replicating the success a University of Mississippi Medical Center researcher achieved in curing a baby born to an HIV-positive woman.

And although Dr. Hannah Gay, Mississippi’s leading pediatric AIDS specialist, won’t be directly involved, “I will be following it with great interest,” she said. “I’m certainly really excited about what’s going on.”

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