Glenn Douglas Packard merges horror and coming out in his new slasher flick “Pitchfork”

By : Jeremy Williams
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Glenn Douglas Packard

Glenn Douglas Packard has been in the entertainment business for 25 years; as the GBF to Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke in VH-1’s reality-series Brooke Knows Best, as a performer in the music group twONEty in Europe during the boyband crazy of the early ‘00s and as a world-class dance choreographer to everyone from Usher and Pink to the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

Packard has made a name for himself in many facets of pop culture, and now he is adding another to the list: film director. Packard took his story of growing up gay on a Michigan dairy farm and his coming out to his family and turned it into the new horror film Pitchfork.

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