Orlando bans single-use plastics, foam on city properties

By : Jeremy Williams
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ORLANDO | Former Orange County Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor and environmental activist Eric Rollings says he was beside himself with joy when the Orlando City Commission voted unanimously to ban plastic straws, plastic bags and polystyrene single-use containers in the city of Orlando on all its properties.

“I was just one giant goosebump seeing it actually happen,” Rollings says with a smile.

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Win an African Cats coffee table book!

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â┚¬Å”Winning. Duh.â┚¬Â â┚¬â€œ Charlie Sheen

Disneynature's annual Earth Day offering is fast becoming a tradition for me. These beautiful films remind us what we stand to lose, if we don't continue to change our ways. Then, as you'll read below, Disney puts its money where its mouth is and contributes funds to help the planet. Well, I should clarify, we help them help the planet by going to see the film during the opening week.

To build your anticipation for this year's movie African Cats, Disneynature has partnered with Scottie Saves the World for a contest. You â┚¬â€œ yes, little ol' you â┚¬â€œ could win a beautiful coffee table book documenting the filming of African Cats. Here's all you need to do to be eligible for the drawing:

In the comment section below, tell us your all-time favorite Disney movie.* Don't be all â┚¬Å”I'm too grown up for thatâ┚¬Â because you know you have one, we all do.

The winner will be drawn on Friday, April 22, Earth Day. To find out who won, keep checking back here.


Here's what Disneynature wants to make sure you know about African Catsâ┚¬Â¦

An epic true story set against the backdrop of one of the wildest places on Earth, African Cats captures the real-life love, humor and determination of the majestic kings of the Savanna. Narrated by OscarԚ®-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson, the story features Mara, an endearing lion cub who strives to grow up with her mother's strength, spirit and wisdom; Sita, a fearless cheetah and single mother of five mischievous newborns; and Fang, a proud leader of the pride who must defend his family from a rival lion and his sons. An awe-inspiring adventure blending family bonds with the power and cunning of the wild, African Cats leaps into theatres on Earth Day, April 22, 2011.

As the April 22 opening of the awe-inspiring African Cats approaches, Disneynature is tapping into the true power of social media by building awareness of its â┚¬Å”See African Cats, Save the Savannaâ┚¬Â program. During the film's opening week (April 22-28), a portion of the proceeds from that week's ticket sales will be donated to AWF through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund to protect the Amboseli Wildlife Corridor, a passage between the Amboseli, Tsavo West and Chyulu Hills National Parks that is frequently used by lions, cheetahs, elephants, zebras, giraffes and a host of other animals in the African savanna. For more information about the movie and the â┚¬Å”See African Cats, Save the Savannaâ┚¬Â initiative, check out Disney.com/AfricanCats.

*The contest is restricted to U.S. entries online. My apologies to international fans of SSTW, but that's the rule.