Homo Erectus: The Evolution of Us – LGBTQA: Be a Dragon

By : Steve Yacovelli
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DISCLAIMER: this article has nothing to do with grand wizards or Harry Potter stuff (but “Expelliarmus David Duke!”). However, it does have some “Game of Thrones” spoilers in it … so be warned!

When I mention the names “Grey Worm,” “Little Finger,” “Ramsay Bolton” or “The Queen of Thorns,” I’m not talking about new categories for gay men nor of adult porn stars or even that new sarcastic bitch you met at brunch last week.

No friends: we’re talking “Game of Thrones” … the HBO sensation whose Season Seven finale aired recently. As I’ve been watching this amazing series this season it struck me what we who are fighting for the rights and equity for the LBGTQ Community have faced, and continue to face, has some striking similarities to the themes and stories within the “Game of Thrones” world, and I think there’s some lessons we can learn from a trip to The Seven Kingdoms.

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