Chicago man delivers memorial crosses to Orlando hospital for shooting victims

By : Jeremy Williams
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A man from Chicago traveled 1,200 miles to Orlando Regional Medical Center June 17 with 49 white, wooden crosses as a memorial to the victims of the Pulse shooting.

The crosses were lined up outside of the hospital that is currently home to those healing from bullet wounds from the attack.

People from across the city, including the doctors, nurses and hospital staff have come by and written messages of support on each of the crosses.

Donovan Spurlock, a 7-year-old at the hospital, paid his respects by laying a carnation at the base of each cross.

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Transgender inmate’s suit puts light on prison healthcare

By : Wire Report
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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Christa Allen wasn’t your typical inmate.

Back in 2002 — four years before she was sentenced to time in the Rockville Correctional Facility — Allen had undergone a male-to-female gender-reassignment surgery.

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