Screened Out – Nebraska

By : Stephen Miller
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Bruce Dern, Will Forte, Stacy Keach, Bob Odenkirk, June Squibb

From personal experience, I can tell you that midwestern people refer to others as “salt of the earth” It can mean that these are simple, reliable folks remarkable for their common values and common sense. If delivered correctly, it can also be a veiled insult, subtly denoting a certain lack of sophistication and education.

In the sweet, quiet little comedy Nebraska, Bruce Dern is salt of the earth in every respect and definition. He’s an old, gullible alcoholic with dementia. He gets a letter from a magazine clearinghouse saying he won 1 million dollars. He tries everything he can to get from his home in Billings, Montana, to Lincoln, Nebraska, to claim his prize. When he finally secures his largesse, he plans to buy a brand spanking new pickup, which he cannot drive, since his license was rescinded and an air compressor.

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