2019 WAVE Awards Spotlight: Patty Sheehan

By : Jeremy Williams
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Central Florida’s Favorite Local Activist, Favorite Local Artist, WHO SHOULD BE THE CENTERFOLD OF WATERMARK’S WAVE ISSUE

Patty Sheehan has a couple of things she is particularly passionate about: her community and her art. So it is rather fitting that Watermark readers recognized her for being their Favorite Local Activist and Favorite Local Artist in Central Florida.

There is one other recognition the Central Florida readers of Watermark bestowed upon Orlando’s first openly gay city commissioner: The person who should be the centerfold of Watermark’s WAVE issue.

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HGTV star responds to criticism over Salvation Army fundraiser

By : Staff Report
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Color Splash star David Bromstad finds himself in the middle of a gay-rights controversy after he agreed to host a south Florida fundraiser for the Salvation Army, an organization accused of being anti-gay.

The openly gay Bromstad, who appears on cable’s HGTV, took to his Facebook page in an open letter to fans to tell them he believes the event is “one step in the right direction toward equality.”

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