Overheard in Orlando

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Trip, Ride, Rocket

On May 2, Space Coast Pride invites Space Coast residents to take a ride on the Night Train to Orlando. As part of a fundraiser to their upcoming festival and first ever Pride Parade, this BYOB ride into the City Beautiful (after a few of those Bs we all look beautiful) will only cost the riders $40 for the round trip transportation. Space Coast Pride will also supply the ice and cups. The Night Train will make stops in Orlando popular hot spots like Howl at the Moon and the World Famous Parliament House Resort. This beats Uber and you can drink while you’re on the road! Visit SpaceCoastPride.org for more information.

Where do gaybies come from?
First comes love, then comes legal same-sex marriage, then comes two people who may need to register for a baby carriage! With Florida legalizing marriage equality earlier this year, many couples who have taken the big plunge are now looking at the next, natural step. Baby, oh baby! Have you ever considered being a parent? Adopting, surrogacy or fostering? Which will be the right choice? What designer cloth diapers will best match my designer shoes? All the questions potential parents will face will be asked and answered by the Family Equality Council at the first ever local “Maybe Baby” workshop on May 30. The 10 a.m. event is free, but get there early because we’ve learned that space is limited.

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