Overheard in Tampa Bay: Kathryn Nevets came in like a ‘Wrecking Ball!’

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Ducks spotted in Cleveland
It’s always hot at St. Pete Pride, and Hot in Cleveland is a big hit. So it makes sense that St. Pete Pride sent it’s Ducks softball team to Cleveland this month to participate in the Gay Games. The team, which also participates in the Suncoast Softball League and will also travel to the World Series in Dallas this September. As of press time, the Ducks were doing well, having won their first two games in the week-long tournament. Before the seriousness of the Gay Games began, the team had a chance to tour the city, take some amazing photos of the skyline and then participate in the opening ceremonies, which included a special recorded welcome video by President Barack Obama.

Chefs and bears
Speaking of softball and the Gay World Series, the Suncoast Softball League’s Metrochefs team will be raising money at this month’s Neigh-bear-hood takeover at The Social on Saturday, Aug. 16. The second-place D-division team earned the right to attend the September tournament in Dallas and is hoping to raise the money to foot the bill for travel and hotels. Plans to raise money include selling special shots and drinks and rumor has it one or more of the Chefs will do a strip tease! The more money that’s raised, the more articles of clothing that will hit the floor. The fundraising starts at 9 p.m. on Aug. 16 and continues through the night at the popular Ybor party. Entry to the party is free before 11 p.m. and the monthly party of bear men and their admirers is for the guys only—sorry ladies.

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