Overheard in Orlando: Pour it up at Savoy

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GoFund yourself
A GoFund me account was recently created for Danielle Hunter, which you may have read on WatermarkOnline.com had claimed mistreatment for being transgender after being admitted to the Lakeside Behavioral Center after a suicide attempt. She has since been moved to a new facility, but according to her GoFund me, which was created by Terry DeCarlo at The Center, Danielle’s bank account is in the negative and she doesn’t have any insurance to cover the cost of her treatment. Danielle is the Entertainment Manager for FMI (Funky Monkey & Divas). Although there has been a slew of well wishes and support, the GoFund me page had at least one very Negative Nelly who made some incredible accusations we’re not going to repeat here. The comment and a rebuttal have since been removed. The fundraising goal is set at $5,000; just over $1,200 was raised as of press time.

Walt Disney World Resorts showed more than 100 organizations the money, to the tune of $4.5 million in grants. The Zebra Coalition and the Orlando International Fringe Festival were among the recipients, allowing them to continue to positively affect families and children in Orlando. The Mouse gave a total of $4.5 million worth of grants to 102 organizations in Central Florida at a ceremony held at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts on March 30. The Zebra Foundation for Youth, which funds Zebra Coalition, received $20,000, and Orlando Fringe received $5,000. Now that’s what we call some Disney Magic!

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Anti-gay laws spark international responses

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The Olympic Symbol is five intertwined rings—blue, gold, black, green and red—that represent the unity of each of the Earth’s five continents. Traditionally, the event has been a time for nations of the world to come together to compete in a friendly and welcoming environment.

However, Winter Olympics 2014 host country Russia is under scrutiny for its decidedly anti-LGBT acts as the lens of the nation focuses on the games in Sochi, and president Vladimir Putin is unmoved toward making change to the anti-gay “propaganda” laws he has passed within the last year, which would serve as a gag rule on the existence of LGBTs, punishable by hefty fines and jail time.

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