For The Culture Skate Night

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It’s For The Culture Skate Night! Hangout with us for a night that will be filled with many cute moments. The cover charge is $10.00 which includes your skates. You can pay at the door with cash or card. Whether you are a beginner or expert skater; we want to see you there! And bring a plus one; the more the merrier!

My View From A Broad: Hallmark Cards Should Thank Me

By : Jill Shargaa
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JillShargaaCapI love giving cards. I love receiving cards. I can spend 45 minutes standing in the card aisle at Walgreens, Publix or Target and open, read and search for just the right card to send to someone. Yes, I could go home and design one. I’ve done that too, but there’s something about the hunting, the gathering. All that.

When you receive a card in the mail, I’ll bet it’s the first thing you open. Be honest. It is for me. Someone took a pen and wrote my address on it, they put a stamp on it, and they mailed it. It’s the human touch that still makes us happy or connected and alive. Sometimes I keep the card; sometimes it goes in the trash after I’ve read it, or gets displayed on my kitchen counter for a few days. Maybe it’s a girl thing. Mom taught my sister and me to always send a thank you card to the person who gave you a gift or invited you to something. At the time, it felt like a chore, but I am so grateful now for the lesson. (Should I send Mom a thank you card?)

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Overheard in Orlando: A Mistaken Marriage

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On a personal note
Same-sex couples who legally tied the knot at The Center on Jan. 6 received a special card from Hal and Linda Johansen, who were in town visiting their son, Ben Johansen, and his partner, Tim Vargas. Inside each card was a note personally congratulating the couple and a lottery ticket. The Johansens also gave each couple heart-shaped candy. According to Ben, his parents wanted to make sure each couple felt loved.

Contagious congratulations
The Metropolitan Business Association’s president Nayte Carrick and partner Michael Deeying received plenty of congratulations after a mass wedding on the steps of Orlando City Hall Jan. 6. The problem was, the two were there supporting friends who were married, not getting married themselves. The case of mistaken identity was perpetuated with Channel 13’s looping teaser to the story that showed the couple dressed to the nines and standing side by side. Deeying said he found the experience humorous.

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Mormon university removes same-sex marriage cards at bookstore

By : Wire Report
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SALT LAKE CITY — Greeting cards celebrating same-sex marriages turned up at the Brigham Young University bookstore Aug. 19.

Placed by Hallmark, the cards reading “Mr. and Mr.” and “Mrs. and Mrs.” were quickly removed when bookstore staff discovered them after photos surfaced online. The outside vendor stocked the shelves without realizing the school wouldn’t want to sell the cards marketed to buyers celebrating unions between two brides and two grooms, BYU spokeswoman Carri Jenkins said.

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