Blue Star begins the search for The Venue’s new home as Ivanhoe shopping complex nears completion

By : Jeremy Williams
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ORLANDO | Central Florida entertainer and local business owner Blue Star announced Jan. 21 that she is looking to relocate The Venue, a theater space in Orlando’s Ivanhoe Village, after more than six years at its current location at 511 Virginia Drive.

The Venue’s location was part of a multi-acre purchase by Colliers International in 2015. The area is the future site for The Yard at Ivanhoe—a 31,000 square feet living, dining and retail space expected to open in fall 2019.

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Orlando Fringe Review 2016: Oh Manada!

By : Danny Garcia
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oh manada

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When attending the Fringe Festival with a Fringe virgin, what kind of show should one expose them to? Perhaps a light-hearted musical, a deep dark dramatic play, maybe a pantomime comedy?

Nah, screw all that.. I decided to go for the skin! And there’s lot of skin as there usually is at the Fringe this year. As usual, there are several groups of burlesque shows featuring all sorts of ladies, you also have some rock hard and perfectly manicured men gyrating a la Magic Mike, not bad but just watch out for the puddles of baby oil.

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New Year’s Butch: Butchlesque brings in 2014 with Gulfport show

By : Greg Stemm
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Gulfport – Every year we face the same challenge: How do we say goodbye to the old year and welcome in the new in a different and unique way. For those in Tampa Bay and Sarasota, there’s a new option that also helps support the LGBT community.

“Butchlesque” is a showcase of participants displaying their individual perceptions of the “butch identity.”  Through these interpretations, those participants open the door to possibilities that does not require renouncing one’s self in order to feel desirable and accepted.  As the women display their personal choices of attire and swagger, they reflect the spirit that has moved them to step out of expected roles and into their authentic lives.

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