The Vagrant

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The Vagrant

By Brett Hursey

Sept 29-Oct 14, 2017 * Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 * Sundays at 6pm

Tickets $15.00 when purchased in advance online. $20.00 cash at the door with a $5.00 discount for students, seniors, military, investment bankers, hot dog vendors, social workers and anyone who has been homeless at one point or another in their lives. Free to anyone who is currently homeless.

Lenny Madison is well adjusted to life on the streets of NYC. He swindles hot dogs from Rodney and takes care of Maggie the bag lady. Mr. Edgeworth provides a lifeline to a reality he’d rather ignore. When he begins cavorting with John and Rachael it suddenly becomes too difficult to hide in plain sight.

Here is a link to the Denver Post review from the 2011 production:


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Cast of Brett Hursey’s The Vagrant. Standing L-R: John Sullivan, Sean Delaney, Michelle Jacqueline Papaycik, Larry Stallings, Seated L-R: David Martin, Winnie Wenglewick