Overheard in Orlando: ‘Beard’ be gone

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Hair today, gone tomorrow
Lee Vandergrift, WAVE award winner for favorite local photographer & LGBT artist, is taking the clippers to his Beard Envy project. He’s wrapping up the series next month. The project started a little over a year ago and was intended for fun, but resulted in a Facebook fan page, calendar and—soon—a book. Vandergrift’s goal is to shoot a few last “big” beards and then he will be done by April 1. So if your facial bristles are bustling to be immortalized, you better hairy up.

If a tree falls in Orlando
Recently, out environmentalist Eric Rollings and others held a rally for Constitution Park, which houses quite a few old trees in the city of Orlando. The property is privately owned by the Caruso family and it’s been said that the family is looking to develop the property. With an estimated 200 people in attendance, 5,200 signatures via the online petition and the support from Mayor Buddy Dyer, Commissioner Patty Sheehan and area neighborhoods, the group may have a fighting chance to convince the family to save the park. If you want to help, sign the petition on the Constitution Green Park, Save our Orlando Treasure Facebook page.

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