The 49 Fund is accepting applicants for second annual scholarship award

By : Jeremy Williams
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ABOVE: Barry Miller (L) announces the first set of scholarship recipients at the Orlando City Hall Rotunda June 10, 2017 as City Commissioner Patty Sheehan and Mayor Buddy Dyer look on. Photo by Jake Stevens.

ORLANDO | The 49 Fund announced that they are now accepting applications for its second annual scholarship awards.

The fund will award up to 10 local LGBTQ students with a $4,900 scholarship to help pay for college tuition.

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Watermark’s Most Remarkable People of 2017

By : Watermark Staff
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In a year filled with many setbacks and obstacles, the LGBTQ communities in Central Florida and Tampa Bay have met those challenges with amazing resilience and resisted all forms of discrimination.

The individuals selected as Watermark’s Most Remarkable People of 2017 come from many walks of life but all share one thing in common, they all were truly exceptional this year.

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Watermark’s Most Remarkable People 2017: Barry Miller, Orlando attorney and founder of The 49 Fund

By : David Lee, writer/director of O-Town: Voices from Orlando
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David Lee

In the wake of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, local attorney, entrepreneur and CEO of The Closing Agent, Barry Miller wondered “What about the kids?” He was concerned about the future of the children of the victims of the attack.

We sat outside of his apartment at Lake Eola in the summer of 2016 and he said to me, “So many of the victims of the Pulse incident were parents of small children. Some of the survivors are barely out of high school. Who is going to take care of them? Their future? Their education?” Thus began the idea that became my friend Mr. Miller’s very own brainchild, The 49 Fund, an endowed scholarship administered by The Central Florida Foundation (CFF). This scholarship is offered to LGBTQ students in Central Florida with special consideration to be provided to survivors of the Pulse tragedy or to immediate family members of those whose lives were lost in the tragedy.

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Barry Miller of the Closing Agent does his part to make the drum for equality keep beating

By : Billy Manes
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Orlando – Perhaps we’re feeling a bit of hubris on the LGBTQ end about coverage of the Pulse massacre. Or, in a brighter light, maybe we’re pooling our resources into something larger, something more important to keep LGBTQs in Florida afloat. Realtor and attorney Barry Miller is doing the hard work, starting The 49 Fund as a means of pushing through the tragedy and into something more. The fund is, in fact, for college education. The fund is for moving past this nightmare. There are other funds in the pipeline from alternate sources, but Miller’s is the first of its kind in the wake of the June 12 tragedy. Watermark spoke with Miller recently, and he showed that his roots in the community are strong, and his aim is true.

“I’ve always been involved in the arts and the LGBTQ community for the last 20 years,” Miller says. “At one point I was the president of The Center and I was president when we spearheaded it, and it was my idea to get those buildings over there. I had an apartment downtown; I’ve always been trying to get the community to move forward and be visible and stand up [for LGBTQ concerns].”

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Scholarship fund to honor Pulse shooting victims

By : Wire Report
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ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – A Florida businessman is raising scholarship money for gay students to honor the 49 patrons killed last June in Orlando’s gay nightclub shooting massacre.

Barry Miller said March 13 that The 49 Fund is to award 10 scholarships annually, each worth $4,900. Students would have to self-identify as “out,” have a GPA of 3.0 and attend an institution of higher learning full time.

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Overheard in Orlando: Sam Harris comes to Central Florida!

By : Anonymous
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From Barry to Boone
Local lawyer Barry Miller’s foundation is known for assisting the arts, like the Orlando Fringe Festival. Now, Boone High School’s Thespian troupe is counting on donations raised from To Boone, with Love: A Benefit Cabaret and Silent Auction and the Miller Foundation. The funds raised on Feb. 20  will assist the talented Boon Braves as they head to the Thespian Society’s state competition. The Barry L. Miller Foundation of the Arts and Education offered to match up to $2,500 of the money raised. The foundation was founded in 2013 with the goal to provide financial support for scholarships and quality programming to individuals, artists, students, educational institutions, community groups, theatre companies and other artistic endeavors. Break a leg Braves!

G is not Good to Go
Recently Watermark reported Rick Kowalczyck, owner of Southern Nights, was in the market to purchase G.Bar in Tampa. The tips were received by reliable sources in both Orlando and in Tampa’s Ybor City. However, by the time we last went to print, Kowalczyck wasn’t available to verify whether or not he was looking to buy. Since the last issue, Greg Skeen, manager at Southern Nights, stated that the story was false and that Rick was not looking to make a purchase at the Ybor city hot spot. G. Bar owner Stephen Moss, however, said inquiries were made, but negotiations didn’t go beyond that. 

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