Parliament House looks to renovate, develop after bankruptcy

By : Jamie Hyman
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Orlando – Parliament House is officially unburdened by bankruptcy and looking ahead to an expansion, a big new partnership and its 40th anniversary.

According to attorney Scott Shuker, Parliament House filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy July 25 of 2014 and emerged in early March 2015.

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The Parliament House files bankruptcy

By : Chris Muscardin
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Orlando – The iconic Parliament House Resort filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this month, right around the same time it was celebrating its 39th anniversary.

Citing $15.5 million in debt, the unexpected announcement was made July 25. This is not the first time that the Parliament House’s future has brushed rocky shores, after defaulting on loans back in 2009. Since then the business has been locked in an ongoing battle with creditors, this declaration of bankruptcy being the latest chapter in the story.

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