Murder conviction for Jerusalem gay pride stabbing

By : Wire Report
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Jerusalem (AP) – A Jerusalem court convicted an ultra-Orthodox Israeli Jew of murder for fatally stabbing a teenage girl at a gay pride parade last year.

Yishai Schlissel was also convicted April 19 on multiple charges of attempted murder for the people he wounded in the 2015 attack.

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Close call: 12 year old charged with shooting at transgender woman

By : Jamie Hyman
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Cheyenne West

Orlando – A 12-year-old boy is charged with attempted murder after he allegedly shot at a transgender woman near the Citrus Bowl.

The victim, Cheyenne West, is not hurt.

“I’m fine. I was walking along Church St. headed toward OBT and when I was close to OBT the young man came around the corner and said ‘I’m gonna kill you’ and started shooting and that’s when I started running,” West says. “He was chasing me and shooting at me.”

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Tampa teen found guilty of attempted murder of transgender man

By : Staff Report
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TAMPA – Tampa teen was accused of trying to kill a member of the transgender community has been found guilty of attempted murder. Tavares Spencer was tried as an adult on charges that included attempted first-degree felony murder, attempted second-degree murder and robbery. He was found guilty on Oct. 31 for the April 9 crime.

On that date, authorities say the victim, who is legally known as Terrience McDonald, 22, agreed to meet with a teenager he knew only as “Vares.” He had met Vares a week before at a party, and the two had agreed to meet up again.

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