Festival veteran David Lee rises to the challenge of making a dark reality into an Orlando Fringe show

By : Anna M. Johnson
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The lights went out at the Orlando Fringe Theatre Festival 2017 local teaser show. A hush dawned over the audience that filled the sold-out theatre.

Twelve groups had performed two-minute excerpts from their shows in the festival that starts May 16. The 13th performance started completely dark. A light went on from center stage, illuminating the face of a woman. She stood in the dark for a moment before beginning to speak.

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Orlando’s Overheard: Hate crime in Hollywood, Aloha Alauna and old school fundraising

By : Anonymous
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RPDR’s Trinity attacked!

In “Trump’s America,” it’s always a tough call when there’s an assault on anyone in the LGBTQ community to not assume it’s a hate crime, but this time in L.A., the hate seems pretty clear.

The incident was reported as a late night attack on March 16 in West Hollywood. The victims of this crime included photographer Jason King and RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 cast members Valentina and Orlando’s very own Trinity Taylor.

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