Viewpoint: A House of Cards, a House Divided and a House that is Always a Home

By : Peggy Green
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PeggyGreenHeadshotWhen Watermark Editor Steve Blanchard wrote in his Editor’s Desk [Issue 20.08] that he’d returned to St. Louis to visit his mom, he said what most people say of the place they were born-he said he’d gone home.

But “home” can be a loaded word for this queer tribe, with so many who carry feelings of unbelonging. Like the 40 years in the desert during which the “set apart” fanned out over the map, so LGBTs, like refugees from the “family of origin,” go off in search of that “family of choice.” And like those who never gave up on the promised land, we return to that house called home, where we know our place-or claim our place-and in that place, we wrestle with moving from silence to speech.

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