VIDEO: Bullied gay teen fights back, goes viral

By : Jeremy Williams
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A video of LaPorte High School student Jordan Steffy fighting a bully who called him a faggot has gone viral.

In the video, posted to Twitter, Steffy is seen hitting another student after the unnamed boy gets into Steffy’s face and calls him a faggot.

Steffy goes on to tell the bully, in more colorful language, “I’m done with you. Call me a faggot one more time.”

The video has been viewed more than 2 million times in the last 24 hours.

Another angle of the initial slap was posted to a different Twitter account. That video has more than 10 million views.

Twitter erupted with most people saying how proud they were of Steffy for standing up for himself.

Both Steffy and the bully received suspensions due to the fight, according to Steffy’s replies on Twitter.

“I was suspended and my mom is pulling me into homeschool just because she doesn’t agree with how it was handled,” he wrote in one reply. In another, he wrote “Suspended me , and the other kid me longer of course due to the fighting but I am taking it as a lesson to not be anyone’s doormat and to leave your shoes at the door.”

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