Two Spirit to host GayDayS events with focus on families, trans community

By : Jeremy Williams
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Two Spirit Health Services—a nonprofit that provides mental health, behavioral, substance abuse, primary care, transgender health and related services to Central Florida’s LGBTQ community—is stepping up its involvement with GayDayS by hosting a series of events focused on the transgender and LGBTQ family communities at the host hotel.

“I think a lot of times the LGBTQ community can be pigeon-holed into we are all single and here for the pool parties, and I think that people know nowadays that’s not the case,” says Brittani Acuff, Two Spirit Community Relations and Events Manager. “This year [Two Spirit co-founder and COO] Robert Baker-Hargrove was really the one behind wanting to get involved because GayDayS has such a vast variety of great people, and that’s what Two Spirit is about.”

Two recurring events the nonprofit is hosting during GayDayS are the Two Spirit Wellness Series and the Two Spirit Trans Lounge.

“GayDayS offers so many different things throughout the weekend and a lot of people don’t get that chance to work out,” Acuff says. “Even those who do work out may not want to do it alone in the hotel gym, so we are offering something a little different.”

Two Spirit Wellness Series will offer exercise classes Thursday through Sunday, alternating various types of exercises including yoga, circuit training and mindful meditation.

“We switch them out so one day will be fast paced and the next will be more relaxed and chill,” Acuff says. “All classes are completely free.”

Two Spirit Trans Lounge will be on the same days as the Wellness series but will be held in the Jasmine Ballroom and be open all day.

“GayDayS’ theme this year is Stonewall 50, so we decided to model the Trans Lounge to look like Central Park in New York,” Acuff says. “There will be a water feature, plants, benches and we are bringing in these green velvet couches that I just love. It’s just a place for the trans community to be able to relax and talk to people who are just like them.”

The Trans Lounge will feature a few events of its own, including a happy hour each day from 5-6 p.m. On Friday night from 5-9 p.m., the lounge will host Dr. Dave’s Karaoke Therapy.

Last year during GayDayS, Two Spirit hosted a Family Pride event at Fun Spot and looks to return with that family atmosphere this year, this time at the actual host hotel.

“Two Spirit has lots of Two Spirit families, we are on our way to becoming a full adoption agency, so family is a huge thing for us,” Acuff says. “We have created another free event for everyone to come out and enjoy. We are literally having a carnival inside the ballroom.”

Two Spirit Family Fun Carnival will run from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. and will include Skee-Ball, giant Battleship, giant Jenga, basketball games and more. “We will have games, a kids’ DJ, it’s going to be a true carnival,” Acuff says.

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