Netanyahu condemns his minister’s remarks on LGBTQ conversion therapy

By : Wire Report
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ABOVE: Benjamin Nentanyahu talks to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer during a 2011 interview. (Photo by IsraelinUSA, courtesy of Flickr)

JERUSALEM (AP) | Israel’s prime minister is condemning remarks by his education minister in favor of “conversion therapy,” a controversial psychotherapy technique that seeks to turn LGBTQ individuals into heterosexuals.

Benjamin Netanyahu wrote on Twitter that Rafi Peretz’s statements are unacceptable and “do not represent my government’s position.”

“The words of the Minister of Education in relation to the proud community are not acceptable to me and do not reflect the government’s position. I spoke with Rabbi Rafi Peretz to clarify his words and emphasized that the Israeli education system will continue to receive all children and children of Israel, regardless of sexual orientation,” Netanyahu wrote.

In a televised interview over the weekend, Peretz said he supports conversation therapy and has performed it. Health officials have said the technique is scientifically dubious and possibly even dangerous.

Peretz, who leads small religious party, drew wide condemnation July 14 for his comments. Justice Minister Amir Ohana, who is openly gay, said “sexual orientation does not require therapy nor conversion. Preconceived notions and ignorance require therapy and conversion.”

Peretz also stirred controversy last week when he compared intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews to a “second Holocaust.”

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