Watermark’s Wedding Bells: Twyla and Pamela Avellino of Daytona Beach, Florida

By : Marianella Falbo
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Twyla and Pamela Avellino’s story started with friendship and trust. The couple met through the local BDSM community in Daytona Beach, which at the time was being run by Twyla, when Pamela moved to Florida in 2004.

“We became friends immediately and when a situation arose among the group, Pamela was the first person to point me to the proper legal advice to know how to handle it. Our friendship blossomed after that,” Twyla says.

Helping each other through life and a previous marriage, they “remained friends through the years, never letting distance or circumstance stop it.”

Pamela and Twyla reconnected on a more intimate level in the fall of 2017 when their friendship turned into a mommy-mentor relationship.

“Neither of us was sure this type of relationship would even work, but we would still remain good friends,” says Pamela.

Fast-forward one year exactly and Twyla found herself proposing to Pamela on their anniversary.

“When we first started, neither of us expected it to turn into what it has. Twyla was looking to find herself and knew the mommy-mentor relationship would be a fun way to do it,” Pamela says. “I wasn’t looking for a primary partner, let alone a wife.”

Through their journey from friendship to love, they learned that, “you must be able to stand on your own two feet before you enter a co-creative partnership as opposed to a codependent partnership. And laugh and have fun!”

It is their same “dark, twisty sense of humor” that keeps them laughing and having fun together. Twyla and Pamela were married in an intimate Sunday afternoon wedding on June 16 with friends and family all around them.

Chris Waterous, an Alexandrian Wiccan priestess, made sure the wedding focused on the love all around the couple.

“[The] officiant had the guests form a circle and focus on positive energy and thoughts for us and our marriage by all of the people who loved us back,” says Pamela.

From holding each other’s hands at the altar to the hand-fasting ceremony, the wedding was full of special moments that highlighted the brides’ special bond.

To make their special day happen, the brides had help from those closest to them. Christine, a friend of the brides, donated time and resources to help plan the big day. Andrew Augustine and Dena Nolet assisted with the wedding preparations. Jennifer Hobby, a bridesmaid and friend, made the cake. Twyla and Pamela celebrated their first night as a married couple in a beachfront bungalow set up by property manager, Jules.

In the future, Pamela sees their relationship growing as a peer relationship and moving away from a D/S relationship. Although, they both add that BDSM will always be a part of their relationship.

Engagement date: Nov. 29, 2018

Wedding date: June 16, 2019

Officiant: Chris Waterous

Wedding venue: Yaya’s Beachside Bar

Wedding theme/colors: Royal Purple and Teal

Wedding Song/Artist: “Marry Me a Little” by Barry Manilow and “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol

Caterer: Genovese’s Italian Cafe

Cake Flavors: Devil’s Food with Cream Cheese Frosting

Photographer: D’Andelet Photo

DJ: Access DJs

Entertainment: George Sorli

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