Florida House Rep. Mike Hill caught on audio recording making homophobic remarks

By : Jeremy Williams
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In an audio recording release by Equality Florida May 31, Republican State Rep. Mike Hill can be heard laughing along during a public meeting at a constituent who suggested Hill file legislation requiring LGBTQ people be put to death.

The recording begins with Hill answering a question from a different constituent than the one who suggested killing LGBTQ people who asks why fellow Republican Rep. Alexander Andrade co-sponsored the Florida Competitive Workforce Act. Hill responds saying he cannot speak for Andrade but that “thank goodness that legislation didn’t go no where.”

Hill goes on to call a person’s sexual orientation a “choice” and that it has no right being listed in the state’s civil rights law because of that. Hill also states in the recording that while religion is also a choice, that it should remain in the civil rights law.

At the end of the recording a man quotes a Bible verse which states “a man who has an affair with another man should be put to death” and then asks Hill if he could put legislation through that says as much. Hill responds by laughing.

Equality Florida condemned Hills statements in the recording calling them “reckless” and “bigoted.”

“Words matter. The comments made by Representative Mike Hill this week are both deeply disturbing and dangerous,” said Brandon Wolf, Equality Florida Media Relations Manager and Pulse survivor, in a statement. “Representative Hill should be embarrassed and ashamed for laughing along with the suggestion that he file legislation requiring the execution of LGBTQ people.”

Democratic Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, who is one of three openly LGBTQ state representatives, blasted Hill on Twitter.

“I’m shocked & disgusted to discover a colleague who I’ve worked closely with would joke about punishing me by death for being gay,” Smith tweeted. “As a survivor of anti-gay hate violence, I know the consequences of homophobia are real. @MikeHillfl should apologize to LGBTQ Floridians or RESIGN.”

Smith continued in another tweet, saying “Bigotry like this is the reason LGBTQ Floridians need protection from discrimination in state law. Homophobic and transphobic individuals can also happen to be employers, landlords, and business owners who may engage in legal discrimination. It still happens in 2019 people!!!!”

Smith and Hill worked together last year to ban live greyhound racing in Florida.

Watermark reached out to Rep. Hill’s office for comment and will update this story once we receive it.

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