Rainbow Housing Coalition launches LGBTQ needs assessment

By : Ryan Williams-Jent
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ST. PETERSBURG | The Rainbow Housing Coalition of Pinellas, committed to developing and providing affordable housing for the disadvantaged, is seeking responses to an online LGBTQ+ Housing Needs Assessment.

“LGBTQ+ people and disabled persons are challenged by the search for welcoming and inclusive housing options,” the organization has shared. “These individuals face discrimination and even abuse when looking for retirement communities, assisted living and/or long-term care options. We aim to enhance the overall quality of life for LGBTQ people by connecting them with safe and friendly housing.”

“We are dedicated to ensuring the availability of quality, affordable and diverse housing and related programs in the St Petersburg area,” they continue. “We collaborate with community partners to provide pathways to long-term affordable housing and wellness for low income LGBTQ+ people and disabled people.”

The coalition exists as a part of Two Spirit Charitable Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) organization. They have compiled their confidential, 19-question assessment to determine “the actual housing needs of our community and how we might find ways to assist our families,” they shared, “not only the elderly or the disabled, but others who have faced discrimination all their lives because of who they love or how they identify.”​

The coalition adds that the assessment “will take less than two minutes, but your efforts could help someone in our community find affordable housing in a safe and secured environment.”

You can access the assessment by clicking here. For more information about the organization or to make a donation, call 727-228-2075, visit their Facebook page or their website RainbowHousingCoalition.com.

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