2019 Orlando Fringe Review: ‘A Showgirls Musical’

By : Danny Garcia
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The team behind Fringe hits “ThanksKilling the Musical” and “S#IT!” are back to tackle one of cinema’s most over-the-top, so-bad-it’s-good cult classic films to come out of the 90’s — Paul Verhoeven’s “Showgirls.”

“A Showgirls Musical” follows the basic — we’ll say plot? — of the original film. Aspiring star Nomi (Played by Jillian Gizzi) hitchhikes her way into Sin City to make it big. She starts off as a stripper at the Cheetah and “works” her way to top headliner in what’s supposed to be one of Vegas’ premier shows.

Being a 60-minute spoof on a movie that clocks in at two hours and 11 minutes, I wasn’t sure which elements of the film we would see. Through some clever, and even comical staging, they were able capture major plot points from the film and tell the story of a bad girl gone showgirl.

Fans of the movie will love Gizzi’s portrayal of Nomi as she manages to capture every flip-flopping emotion of Elizabeth Berkley’s Razzie-winning performance. Christopher Pruitt and Fredy Ruiz, while minor characters, steal a lot of laughs in their scenes as skeezy strip club owner Al Torres and the bawdy Henrietta. And can we make it rain dollar bills for the costume designer, some of these costumes looked like they were straight out of the film!

Get your bowl of ice ready because if you enjoy the camp, high kicks, dance numbers, stripper pole licking, pool sex and the mispronunciation of VERSACE of the original then you must see this show! Lap dances are not included.

“A Showgirls Musical” plays in the Orange Venue through May 26. For more information visit OrlandoFringe.org.

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