The Last Page: Brianna Rockmore

By : Rick Claggett
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To run a regional, niche newspaper you need to have a passion for the community you serve and a passion for how your newspaper is connected to that community. You can only hope that those who work with you share your enthusiasm. With Brianna Rockmore, Watermark won the employee lottery.

I usually write a narrative on this page after submitting questions to each employee, but I was so impressed with what Brianna had to say that I decided to use her words to show you who she is. As a self-described goofy class clown, Brianna sees things in a positive and funny way, using comedy to bring people out of despair and into a “full of life kind of way.” This is Brianna Rockmore!

What are your responsibilities at Watermark?

My job is to connect local businesses and leaders to the local LGBTQ community through our print and digital media outlets. It is my responsibility to paint a picture for potential advertisers to understand why they should market to this community, assure ads will relate to our readers and exude excellent customer service.

What made you want to work at Watermark?

Part of me growing professionally and getting more involved with the community has led me to wanting more, so I began attending socials hosted by Equality Florida and MBA Orlando in hopes of finding a career path in the community. I was already working in sales when the opportunity with Watermark presented itself at a networking event. The rest is history!

What is your favorite thing about working at Watermark?

The people and the pride! The people are amazing; the Watermark staff is truly like family! We are a small, tight knit group that helps each other is all aspects, no matter your responsibilities. Everyone is so kind and helpful!

The pride has to do with the Pride events. As an employee of Watermark, we work all Pride events throughout Central Florida, setting up a booth to promote the publication and contributing in parades. Working the parade is a lot of fun, plus it is rewarding. The reaction you get from passing out beads is amazing and to see the smiles on everyone’s faces is rewarding.

What is your favorite LGBTQ Event?

Before I started working at Watermark, it was the monthly socials with the Transgender Network. This will always be a favorite because T-Network was my first LGBTQ event. When I first attended the mixer I was shy, reserved and had not yet grown into the woman I am today. Along the way I have met amazing people that have helped guide me to a successful transition professionally. Since my time at Watermark, Third Thursdays have become another favorite event of mine. Third Thursday is an event hosted by Watermark, allowing us to give back to the community and help network with local businesses. Sharing the story of Watermark is a passion of mine.

What is your favorite thing about the local LGBTQ community?

The hugs!! Everyone I meet, whether it be clients, peers or friends, everyone greets you with their hands out and are passionate and sweet!

What would you like to see improved in the LGBTQ community?

I do not mean this in a negative way but more understanding within the spectrum alphabet. As nice as everyone is, not everyone understands one another, and I am not excluded from those confused. I say “more understanding” because not everyone is going to understand being binary, non-binary, transgender or gay. I do not expect everyone to understand, so be open to ask questions, to help understand more.

What advice would you give your younger self?

As a believer in “things happen for a reason,” I would tell myself to buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Watermark is the collective product of a team of incredibly hardworking individuals. Over the next series of issues, we’re using this space to introduce each member of our staff and contributors to you. When you see us out and about in the community, stop and say, “Hello.” We’d love to meet you.

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