As summer draws closer, everyone is starting to plan for what promises to be an epic season for the LGBTQ community. From beach days and backyard barbecues to the inaugural Red Shirt Pride Days in Orlando and the 17th annual St Pete Pride, there is going to be so much to do.

We here at Watermark say that there is no ideal body type for loving who you are and spending the summer having fun with your friends, family and community. That’s why, in observance of the summer season, we have gathered together a diverse collection of LGBTQ models from Central Florida and Tampa Bay to celebrate beautiful beach-ready bodies of all genders, races, sizes and shapes.

We asked each of the models what they love most about their body, what they want to share about body positivity or what they love about being a part of this amazing community. Their answers accompany each of their photos.

We want to thank the Parliament House in Orlando and GayStPete House in St. Petersburg for allowing their fabulous pools to be the setting for these beautiful photos by Watermark photographers Jake Stevens and Dylan Todd. Also, as indicated in the appropriate captions, several swimsuits on our models are courtesy of Fairvilla Megastore and Mojoman Swimwear & Clothing in Orlando and are available for purchase in their respective stores.

So come one, come all to a summer of fun as every body says love!

Cameron Williams

Age 53 • St. Petersburg

“Appreciate and embrace individuality. Life is too short to not spend as much time as possible being happy.”

Photos by Dylan Todd.

Hannah Powell

Age 22 • St. Petersburg

“There’s no wrong way to have a queer body—just like there’s no wrong way to be queer.”

Photos by Dylan Todd.

CeeJay Russell (@TheCee_Jay)

Age 28 • Orlando

Wearing HARMONQLO, available at MojoMan Swimwear and Clothing

“Everything about my body is beautiful. It’s hairy, it’s big, it’s beautiful. It shows everything that I am.”

Photos by Jake Stevens.

Zee Renta

Age 29 • Orlando

Tish Dhumrongyud

Age 38 • Orlando

Both wearing Forplay, available at Fairvilla

Pride towel and fan, available at MojoMan Swimwear and Clothing

Zee: “I like my eyes because they tell a story. They are the windows to the soul.”

Tish: “I love my smile. I think a smile is the prettiest thing anyone can wear.”

Photos by Jake Stevens.

Jason Lee

Age 24 • Bradenton

“Body positivity is important for all walks of life in our community because it is the foundation of personal health and self-evolution.”

Photos by Dylan Todd.

Taiga Lena

Age 31 • Orlando

Wearing Aerie

“My favorite thing about my body is all 27 of my tattoos.”

Photos by Jake Stevens.

Jan Carlos Hernández

Age 24 • St. Petersburg

Wearing Taddlee Boxer Swim Trunks

“It’s important to be proud of your body, your skin, your hair, your curves. When you’re proud it shows.”

Photos by Dylan Todd.

Aleksander Helios and Tyler Frederick

Ages 32, 27 • St. Petersburg

“All bodies should be celebrated, represented and glorified. Do not let anybody tell you otherwise, not even yourself.”

Photos by Dylan Todd.

Tatiana Quiroga, Jen West, Lukas and Gabriel

Ages 40, 42, 7 and 3 • Orlando

Jen: “The best thing about being a mom is watching our boys grow every day and the funny things they say.”

Tatiana: “Our boys have taught me how to be a better person.”

Photos by Jake Stevens.

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