We covered six LGBTQ short films that are looking to win a jury prize at this year’s Florida Film Festival (FFF) in order to get them one step closer to the Holy Grail of film recognition—an Academy Award. You can read about those films here.

While not “going for the gold,” these 10 FFF LGBTQ-themed film offerings—both feature-length and short subject—are sure to have all the festival goers buzzing. Make sure to get your tickets and check them out at this year’s festival.

A full list of all 180+ films playing at this year’s FFF—along with dates, times and ticket information—can be found at FloridaFilmFestival.com.

“All Is True”

Live-Action Spotlight Feature

Director-star Kenneth Branagh paints a revelatory portrait of William Shakespeare in the last act of his life and examines the intimate relationship he had with the Earl of Southampton. Also stars Jundi Dench and Ian McKellen.

“Bloeistraat 11”

Animated International Short

The fog of puberty descends on inseparable best friends as they spend the last summer holiday of their childhood amusing themselves around the house. “Bloeistraat 11” makes its Florida premiere at the FFF.


Animated Midnight Short

Director Trevor Anderson’s new film “Docking” looks at the filmmaker’s fear of dating using two giant penises meeting in space. A quick Google search of “docking” might not be a bad idea to prepare for this one.

“Kado (A Gift)”

Live-Action International Short

“Kado (A Gift)” looks at gender identity within a Muslim community with a film centering on androgynous Isfi who joins rambunctious pals as they plot a wild birthday surprise and experiences an overnight sleepover with a close friend named Nita.

“Knife + Heart”

Live-Action Midnight Feature

Dildo knives. Leatherface masks. Unabashedly queer and affectionately comedic. Do you need more reasons to see this French crime thriller about an aspiring gay porn auteur investigating a string of murders in her own industry in 1979 Paris?

“Simple Wedding”

Live-Action Competition Feature

Nousha wants to marry the perfect Persian man to please her uptight Iranian mother, but things go south when she meets Alex, a white bisexual artist whom she falls madly in love with. “Simple Wedding” makes its Florida debut at FFF.

“Spider Mites of Jesus: The Dirtwoman Documentary”

Documentary Competition Feature

This film has been called “a living, breathing John Waters movie.” This film looks at the life of drag icon Donnie Corker, who earned the nickname Dirtwoman after defecating in the back of a police car. This film is not for those with delicate sensibilities.

“The Garden Left Behind”

Live-Action Competition Feature

“The Garden Left Behind” examines the life of a Mexican trans woman and her grandmother as they navigate the struggle of being undocumented immigrants in New York City. It’s eBay’s first crowd-sourced film and boasts a cast and crew of over 50 trans actors and filmmakers.

“The Orphan”

Live-Action International Short

Jonathas’s fantasy is disrupted when his adoptive parents catch him expressing his true self. “The Orphan” was the winner of the Queer Palm for Short Film at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

“Vita & Virginia”

Live-Action Spotlight Feature

Based on the real-life correspondence between poet Vita Sackville-West and legendary writer Virginia Woolf, “Vita & Virginia” is a look at two brilliant women and the love that shaped one of Woolf’s most celebrated literary creations.

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