‘Sunday School’ exhibit examines religion, social climate

By : Ryan Williams-Jent
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ST. PETERSBURG | John Gascot—Tampa Bay WAVE Award winner for Favorite Local Artist—has announced “Sunday School,” a new exhibit opening April 5 that explores his views on religion.

“As a gay Latino man, I don’t have much positive to say about organized religion or the current administration,” Gascot says. “Creating these pieces has been a fun productive way to let out some of that steam.”

The exhibit utilizes religious imagery and the Bible to explore the current social climate, Gascot shared in a press release. While the subjects may be “heavy, taboo or controversial,” it reads, he “approaches each topic with tongue-in-cheek humor and whimsy.” It further advises that the artist’s “bright color palette and cartoonish style lighten the mood and opens a door for discussion.”

The collection features biblical events and characters, including “#metoo Mary” and “The Last Brunch.” According to the artist, each character inhabits a time and space found within the religious texts while sharing a modern experience. It will run through the month of April at The Bends in St. Petersburg, located at 919 1st Ave. N.

For more information, visit the “Sunday School” Facebook event page or Gascot.com.

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