The Last Page with Senior Account Manager Russ Martin

By : Rick Claggett
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“I have newspaper in my blood and have worked in the industry for nearly 20 years,” says Russ Martin.

Russ began working for Watermark as a part time account manager in March of 2018. Within a few months Russ, and Watermark, realized the demands of managing marketing accounts were not conducive with a part-time schedule. Russ informed Watermark that his then current schedule would not allow him the time he needed to perform his tasks to the best of his ability, and he tendered his resignation. Realizing Russ’ value, Watermark asked him if he could arrange his schedule and join the team in a full-time capacity. The rest, as they say, is money in the bank. Russ is a publisher’s dream—not only for his decades of experience, but for his specialized experience in the LGBTQ market. He has far exceeded expectations in helping Watermark realize the full potential of the Tampa Bay market.

“I work with clients in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota markets to help them market to the LGBTQ+ community through a multi-media campaign approach which increases their bottom line and grows their business,” Russ says. “Working with people and seeing the successes their advertising brings is my favorite thing about what I do at Watermark. It’s exciting to help businesses grow their business. I wanted to work with Watermark specifically because it is for the LGBTQ community that is so dear to my heart.”

Russ is the father to two wonderful children who are now grown adults. He also serves on a board that conducts missions to Honduras. “I am big into helping communities in other countries who need medical support and I often travel on missions to these communities,” Russ tells us. “Traveling to different countries helps to broaden your perspective.”

“If I could talk to my younger self I would say, ‘Live your truth. It will set you free.’ I lived in the closet for so long,” Russ continues, “and didn’t come out until middle age. I wish I had the courage to do it earlier. I envy the younger ones who are able to do so at their age.”

Russ is currently Watermark’s sole full-time account manager in the Tampa Bay region. As you can imagine, that is a tall order for such an expansive, growing area. Although he is a master at it, Russ eagerly awaits the fulfillment of the open Tampa Bay account manager position.


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