Don Cheadle shows support for transgender children during ‘Saturday Night Live’

By : Lauren Lee
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Oscar-nominated actor (and Marvel Avenger) Don Cheadle made a strong political statement without uttering a word during his hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live” Feb. 16.

While introducing the show’s musical act, Cheadle wore a black t-shirt with the words “PROTECT TRANS KIDS” emblazoned on the front.

Cheadle did not explain why he wore the shirt, but is known for being an activist and has spoken out about the Trump administration’s policies before.

Under the Trump administration, young transgender people have faced discrimination, including policies to define a person’s sex and gender, as well as rescinding Obama-era protections for transgender children.

Celebrities and fans alike took to Twitter to show their support for Cheadle’s message.

“Saturday Night Live” airs weekly on NBC.

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