Watermark’s Most Eligible – Tampa Bay: Daniel Stevens

By : Ryan Williams-Jent
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AGE: 30

HOMETOWN: Tampa, Fla.

IDENTIFIES AS: “Gay, like very.”


SIGN: Libra

When he isn’t overseeing critical financing operations for a local credit union, Daniel Stevens is celebrating diversity through music as the Tampa Bay Pride Band’s board president.

“The band has been around for five years and I’ve been there since day one,” Daniel says. He’s been a musician for nearly 20 years, currently serving as the organization’s principal flutist and piccolo player. “We started one month before Tampa Pride; there was a call to action because we thought there should be an LGBTQ band at the event.”

When he isn’t helping run day-to-day operations, fundraising or organizing concerts, he can be found volunteering with organizations across Tampa Bay. “I’m constantly on the go,” he says. “Volunteering for this or signing up for that. If someone needs help I’m usually on my way.”

It’s why Daniel is looking to get to know someone that he can slow down with. “I want someone to bring me back down to earth,” he says, “to remember that there are other things about life—a partnership, someone to make me more grounded.”

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