Watermark’s Most Eligible – Central Florida: Gadiel Vasquez

By : Meghan Sweeney
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AGE: 24

HOMETOWN: Catalina, Puerto Rico


PRONOUNS: Responds to everything

SIGN: Capricorn

Gadiel Vasquez has got the moves. The 24-year-old entertainer dances all over Central Florida and is a part of several Orlando dance troupes including Foxy’s Den, The Lady Boys of The Peek-A-Boo Lounge and The Ladies of The Peek-A-Boo Lounge.

“I love dancing and I love entertaining,” he says. “I become a different person when I’m on stage.”

Anyone who has seen Gadiel dance knows he owns any stage he is on. Each and every performance is rooted in the same trait Gadiel expects from his relationships.

“Honesty,” he says.” I hate lies. I want to know the person I’m with can trust me and that I can trust them.”

Authenticity is also very important to Gadiel.

“I want someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves,” he says, “and isn’t afraid to let me be myself. I want to find that special someone who genuinely cares and respects me.”

Whether he is entertaining on stage or at his day job in the hospitality industry, Gadiel says he is the type of person “who pretty much goes with the flow.” He is also the type of person who gives back to his community.

“Basically anything that Blue [Star, owner of The Venue] is a part of or does, I’ll be there,” he says with a smile.

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