Issue 26.03: Eligible Singles

By : Jake Stevens
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The season of love is back, and so are we with 10 of Central Florida and Tampa Bay’s most eligible singles, Come Out With Pride Orlando bids for WorldPride 2020, Metro Tampa Bay unveils new name and brand, local news, celebrity interviews, photos, events and much, much more!

Watermark Issue 26.03 // Feb. 7-20, 2019

On the Cover | Page 23
Love Actually: Watermark presents 10 of Central Florida and Tampa Bay’s most eligible singles during the season of love.

Big Bid | Page 8
Come Out With Pride announces its intent to host WorldPride at Pulse’s 10-year mark.

Name Game | Page 10
Tampa Bay’s Metro Wellness and Community Centers is now Metro Inclusive Health.

Bill Battle | Page 12
LGBTQ activists are divided after lawmakers introduce differing equality bills.

Queerly Beloved | Page 19
“What would it look like to relocate the concept of love? Can’t we take it away from the cash register and put it into our communities instead? Whether you are inclined to being in a relationship or not, you are worthy of love. We queer folks have fought for our right to love in whatever way our hearts take us.” – Rev. Jakob Hero-Shaw in his viewpoint column “Queerly Beloved”

Oscar Bound | Page 35
Marianne Farley’s LGBTQ film “Marguerite” seems poised to win an Academy Award.

Ella Fella | Page 39
Tampa Bay actor Jay Goldberg serves stepsister sass in “Cinderella.”

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