Watermark’s Wedding Bells Jason Ruggerio and Nick Crush

By : Aaron Drake
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Jason Ruggerio and Nick Crush met in November 2011.

“On our first date, after dinner, I took him to a little playground off Mills and that’s where I proposed to him five years later,” Crush shares.

“He later told me that he had been planning it for a while and had planned to propose at an event we were attending at a different time,” Ruggerio says. “But the night he decided to do it we were at the bar where we met and we had friends with us so he decided the time was right.”

Ruggerio, an attorney, hails from upstate New York. Crush, who is employed as Operational Risk Liaison for Charles Schwab, was born in North Carolina and moved around as he grew up in a military family; his family is now in Pensacola. The couple currently resides in Lake Helen.

“There was no one time I can point to, but a lot of little things that built up over time,” Crush says. “By the time I decided to pop the question, I had known for years.”

“I knew that I wanted to be with Nick before we were together,” Ruggerio says. “When we met he gave me a hug, and even though we were introduced as friends, I knew I wanted to get to know him and I knew I wanted to be kept in his warm, loving, secure and protective arms forever.”

The two were married in a small ceremony in Dec. 2018. The wedding was organized by Tide the Knot Beach Weddings and held on Pass-A-Grille Beach in St. Petersburg. The couple shared the chairs were adorned with royal blue ribbons. The flowers were tropical with orange and red roses, blue orchids and orange birds of paradise. Ruggerio and Crush walked down an aisle scattered with red and white rose petals to Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight,” played by a saxophonist.

“There were many special moments, but I think my favorite moment was the champagne toast with our families,” Ruggerio says.

They followed up with a cocktail hour and reception on Dec. 9 at The Veranda in Thornton Park in Orlando. The colors were red and white, and it was themed “Mad Tea Party,” with guests invited to wear bowties and fun hats. The couple ditched the traditional wedding cake and went with a variety of goodies made by Ruggerio’s mom Laurie and Kaitlyn “Badvegun” Bailey.

Crush shared his favorite moment from the day, one that no doubt cued even more “awws” from the crowd. It was “during the ceremony, when Thor – our seven-pound Maltese – brought us the rings.”

Engagement date: Oct. 22, 2016

Wedding date: Dec. 7, 2018

Venue: Pass-A-Grille Beach

Colors: Blue & khaki

Wedding Song/Artist: “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra

DJ Service: DJ Wayne McKay

Caterer: Pom Pom Teahouse & Sandwicheria / St. Matthew’s Tavern at the Orlando Beer Garden

Wedding Goodies: Chocolate peanut butter brownie cupcakes, apple pie tartlets and homemade strawberry, chocolate raspberry and blueberry lemon Pop-Tarts

Officiant: Provided by Tide the Knot Beach Weddings

Photographer: Tide the Knot Beach Weddings

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