Ready, Sette, Go!: Se7enBites owners have location for new Orlando restaurant

By : Jeremy Williams
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Back in October, we told you about Se7enBites owner Trina Gregory-Propst and wife Va Propst announcing their new Italian restaurant, Sette.

At the time no location was “Sette” for the new eatery but that has now changed as Trina and Va announced earlier this month that they will “Sette” up shop at the corner of N. Orange Ave. and Virginia Dr.

The location has been home to several restaurants including Nova and, most recently, Stir. No official opening day is “Sette” but Trina and Va plan to have the restaurant opened by April of this year. The restaurant’s name means “seven” in Italian which incorporates the name of the couple’s wildly popular daytime eatery, Se7enBites.

Sette will be a dinner-only restaurant and will feature pasta made from scratch, an expanded dessert menu and an array of Italian comfort foods.

Trina and Va’s new restaurant is opening in the Ivanhoe Village, an area of Orlando “Sette” for a huge year. Along with The Yard—a new 31,000 square feet living, dining and shopping complex— opening by year’s end, business owner Jason Lambert announced he will be opening a brand new 24-hour diner next door to his popular bar and restaurant The Hammered Lamb in 2019.

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