WATCH: Netflix releases new trailer for LGBTQ-inclusive ‘One Day at a Time’

By : Amanda Espinosa
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Netflix released the trailer for season three of “One Day at a Time” Jan. 10, hinting at a focus on the importance of non-binary terms for the character Syd.

The show, which features a Cuban-American family and incorporates diversity throughout its storyline, illustrates the struggles of the family’s everyday lives dealing with religion, traumatic stress and the understanding the LGBTQ community.

Justina Machado and Isabella Gomez star as mother and daughter Penelope and Elena Alvarez. Elena came out as lesbian to her mother in season one, and in season two, introduced her non-binary partner, Syd, to her family.

“Since Syd self-identifies as non-binary I want to call them by a term that’s more acceptable and inclusive,” Elena says in the trailer.

The trailer for the new season also previews the family facing new obstacles to overcome, such as a funeral, new love interests and a family vacation. All 13 episodes of season three will premiere on Netflix Feb. 8.

You can watch the trailer below:

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