Tymisha Harris: Central Florida Entertainer & co-creator and star of “Josephine, a burlesque cabaret dream play”

By : Blue Star
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Blue Star

Remarkable almost doesn’t do this woman justice.

Tymisha Harris is a talent beyond compare. She is a great human being and my best friend. So many people do not know the struggles that she has faced and the hurdles she has been made to jump through to be where she is today. It has been a steady, courageous climb that is finally getting her the recognition she deserves. Her beauty is obvious. Tymisha can take over a room before she even steps into it. She has a voice that is unmatched by most and deserves to be heard by the masses. And with one breath, before she even makes a movement, her dance can captivate an audience.

She is a warrior that uses her talent to feed her soul. I am so glad you all finally took notice. Welcome to the beautiful crazy world of Tymisha “Tush, Countess Poutein Touche Esuire, Josephine” Harris.

She truly is remarkable, and then some.

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