Nikole Parker: onePULSE Foundation Events & Community Outreach Coordinator

By : Barbara Poma
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Barbara Poma

Nikole Parker is a daughter, sister, transwoman, fiance, advocate, employee and friend. But what she is most is the shining hope for our future. Her journey to the woman she is today is what makes her remarkable far beyond a few hundred words.

She left her home in Orlando at the age of 19, to begin her transition. After three years of black market hormones and unsafe lifestyle practices she returned to Orlando to restart her life.I was lucky enough to have someone give me her name just after the Pulse massacre and suggested she would be a perfect fit for the Pulse Task Force. I called and she answered. That is who she is. She accepted the responsibility and joined onePULSE as a volunteer. That led to a part-time employee position as an office assistant and evolved into a full-time position as the Event and Community Outreach Coordinator.

During the last two years I have had a front row seat to watch the development of her voice and professional skills all while sharing that contagious smile and laugh. Her work ethic, spirit, passion and commitment are ingrained in her young soul; we often joke she is an old lady trapped in a 24-year-old body.

Her work at onePULSE is nothing short of challenging. I have sat and watched her listen with genuine compassion and empathy to family members, survivors and first responders. She always tries to see people’s stories from their lens.

Nikole is actively involved on various nonprofit boards within the community, including The Contigo Fund, The LGBT+ Center and the Orlando United Assistance Center.

I’m deeply proud to see Nikole recognized for her incredible achievements and her love for our community.

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